Jimmy Halim

Chief Business Development Officer & Mindstores Co-Founder

Jimmy Halim was formerly the CEO of Mindstores; a technology unit under WIR Group that has been established to develop the first ever augmented reality (AR) – virtual reality (VR) store network with access to more than 100,000 virtual store owners. MindStores is established and dedicated to empower and increase people's wealth by opening up an opportunity for each individuals to operate and own branded stores by utilizing advanced technology.

Jimmy is also advising and giving strategic direction at Brand Finance Indonesia, a unit under WIR Networks. His focus is to deliver a more grounded brand strategy based on various actualities and data, thus keeping the brands to be on the right track to achieve their short and long term objectives.

Prior to his position, Jimmy held multiple C-level positions for many years in PT Starlight Prime Thermoplas and has successfully transformed the family-run company into a professional-run listed company within a five-year period.

During his tenure as the Chief Business Development Officer, Jimmy has implemented a successful debt restructuring of total IDR 200 Billion to creditors and stabilized operating cash flow and minimized financial loss with a strong focus on budget and production planning, purchasing & supply management, production schedule and progress management.

With a career spanning 18 years across marketing communications, commercial operation, sales and design, Jimmy is an accomplished business professional with deep expertise in commercial operation, marketing prowess and business acumen.