Yasha Chatab

Overseas Development Director, WIR Group

Yasha Chatab joined WIR Group in late 2011 to develop and provide integrated brand marketing-communications and creative technology solutions for international clients as the Overseas Development Director. Nowadays, WIR Group has rapidly evolved from a startup into an emerging technology powerhouse serving more than 20 countries globally. Yasha’s recent global works include projects deployment and new market penetration in UK, Malta, Myanmar, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea.

Yasha was previously the Managing Director of ‘The Brand Union’, a global branding consultancy. During his tenure, Yasha worked on the rebranding companies such as Telkom Indonesia, PLN Batam, Bank Mandiri, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Permata Bank, Aerowisata and other branding related works.

Yasha started his career in Jakarta in advertising sales for MTV Radio, part of the MRA group. He was also involved with numerous creative aspects within the job. He then moved to MetroTV, Indonesia’s all-news station production team for an entertainment news show, he then went on to produce a program that covered the advertising and communications industry called REKLAME. After 2 years in the production team, Yasha shifted into news and became a reporter / news anchor for both the Indonesian and the English news programs.

Yasha graduated from the University of Houston, USA majoring in marketing. He also graduated at Universitas Indonesia’s school of communications. Yasha has vast experience within the integrated marketing communications industry. Yasha made the leap into the field of public relations in 2006 utilizing his large network in the Indonesian media arena, handling clients from banking and the pharmaceutical industry before finally immersing himself into what he believes is the essence of the communications industry: branding.

Yasha had been a regular guest lecturer at the Prasetiya Mulya Business School’s undergraduate program and has been invited to speak in various other seminars covering marketing communications. In his spare time, Yasha is a running enthusiast. Now one of the leaders of Indo Runners, the largest running community in Indonesia.