Mustika Ratu: Rebranding A Timeless Beauty

August, 2015

When it comes to the beauty industry in Indonesia, the brand Mustika Ratu is a no stranger. It has shown its expertise in natural health and beauty care for 40 years and has advanced Indonesia’s resources into its products ever since. Mustika Ratu is also known as a royal beauty brand for its influence from the heritage of Keraton Surakarta.

Nevertheless, staying true to tradition has its own circumstances- Mustika Ratu is often perceived as a traditional brand. This hindsight nudged the Company to keep up with the modern market and so partnered with Redspace to reach this goal. Through brand strategy, design and digital solutions, Redspace catered to revitalize the corporate and product brand of Mustika Ratu, keeping it relevant to the target-market.

The transformation of Mustika Ratu is a contemporary celebration to its rich cultural values. Under a new communication approach, the visual identities of Mustika Ratu are refreshed with a modern feel that still reflect the royal roots of Keraton. As the corporate and product brand are both named ‘Mustika Ratu’, we developed distinctive identities for each that will avoid future brand confusion. The visual language system is then rolled out to several applications from stationary to product packaging. Alongside with the new identities, a newly redesigned website- – has also been launched with more information and up-to-date news about the Company.

“It is our best interest to connect brands with today’s consumers, so we are truly honored to realize this with Mustika Ratu. With our wide experience across industries, we strive to combine our efforts to bring a strategic vision for our clients. With this, we hope that not only their identities refreshed, but also their passion and spirit to keep innovating and provide high quality products to Indonesia’s dynamic market” said Marsha Andrea, Operational Manager of Redspace.

Bridging tradition with modernity is a challenge, but a strong brand can endure the passage of time. With a new energy ignite; Mustika Ratu is ready to leverage its legacy.