Awadah Dakwah Festival 2020

June, 2020

In order to welcome the holy month of Ramadan this year the Awadah Group, initiated with Cakap and WIR Group, launched Awadah Dakwah through Youtube livestreaming on April 23, 2020. The launch of Awadah Dakwah was marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement between Awadah Group, represented by Yenny Wahid as the initiator, Co- Cakap Founder and CEO Tommy Yunus and WIR Group, represented by CEO Michael Budi.

Awadah Dakwah is an online platform that presents clerics and scholars. Awadah Dakwah can be accessed free of charge through the Cakap application, the goal is so that the community can study with religious teachers or scholars anytime while remainining at home. This program will run for 30 consecutive days during Ramadan.

Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, it should not limit the community to worship in the month of Ramadan. The Awadah Dakwah Festival 2020 makes it easier for the community to continue to study Islamic knowledge with religious teachers and scholars who are qualified in their fields while still paying attention to the government's call to conduct physical distancing.

In Awadah Dakwah we can interact through a live chat to ask clerics and scholars who provide materials during the study. This program can be accessed free of charge through the Capable application and will be held twice a day for the entire period of Ramadan. The first session starts at 4 p.m. and the second session starts at 9 p.m. Awadah Dakwah Festival 2020 is supported by Telkomsel by providing free quota for Telkomsel users who have activated the Cakap package. In addition, there is a discounted Alfamart voucher for all viewers and the replay of the broadcast can be seen on LINE Today.