Yenny Wahid Launches Toko Awadah to Build The Welfare of Indonesia’s Community

April, 2020

The launching of Toko Awadah was inaugurated by Yenny Wahid November 23rd, at the DISRUPTO 2019 event located at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. According to Yenny Wahid as the initiator of Awadah Group, said "The presence of Awadah Stores can build the welfare of Indonesia's people by opening broad opportunities for the community to have a 'virtual' store that doesn't require large capitals and becoming a strategic marketing platform for UMKM in Indonesia".

The soft launching event was also signed in collaboration between Toko Awadah and Bank Sinarmas Syariah, which provided funds for selected Toko Awadah owners in the form of a deposit that could be used as initial capital for selling, alongside Gramedia which provided thousands of Islamic books in Toko Awadah. Toko Awadah has various benefits, among them including thousands of halal-certified goods, complete bill payments and various banking products.

Each member will gain profits from every sales transaction that can be done anytime and anywhere and is supported by an easy payment process. Toko Awadah targets millions of shop owners from various communities scattered throughout Indonesia in the next few years, and this application can already be downloaded from the Google Play Store.