Peace Village – The First Augmented Reality Park in Indonesia

April, 2020

With a mission of creating an outdoor park that is able to educate people, Awadah Group joined forces with AR&Co. (WIR Group) to present the first Augmented Reality Park in Indonesia, located in Peace Village, Sleman, Jogjakarta. Peace village held its soft launching at the grand opening of DISRUPTO event, December 22nd, in Plaza Indonesia.

The concept of this park is edutainment, which has purposes to educate people about things like diversity & tolerance. "We believe with this technology implementation, we are able to create more fun experiences that educate people as well." Said Yenny Zannuba Wahid, initiator of Peace Village.

Every visitors to be equipped with a mobile device supported by Epson, that allows them to experience Augmented Reality technology where they have missions to complete by interacting with virtual animals all over the park. This technology allows them to learn every animal characteristics and answer their questions.