DISRUPTO 2019, The Event that Insipired 16,000 + Participants

April, 2020

In its 2nd year, DISRUPTO truly became a disruptively inspiring event like no other in the region. Featuring international speakers such as Furhat robot from Sweden, bionic girl Tilly Lockey from the UK, and Japanese exo-robot Cyberdyne HAL, DISRUPTO showed real-world examples of how future technologies are already shaping the world today. In total, DISRUPTO 2019 had 200+ speakers and 40+ exhibitors who share their ideas, innovations, and solutions in facing our disruptive future today. Over 800 volunteers from 10+ universities participated in the major event that "took over" Plaza Indonesia from 22-24 November 2019.

Taking the theme "Future of Humanity", the 3-day event attracted 16,000+ participants who were enthusiastic about the talks and activities which was held in 5 stages and areas in 4-floors of the venue.

This year's DISRUPTO event also has generated more than 100+ articles, which covers the Augmented Reality appearance of the late President of the Republic of Indonesia Gus Dur who opened the event with his daughter Yenny Wahid, the inspiring teen bionic girl Tilly Lockey, the world's most advanced social robot Furhat with the co-founder Preben Wik, and Dr Takahashi Risa demonstrating Cyberdyne HAL. The media also covered lots of news about DISRUPTO itself, as well as Indonesia's technology and digital outlook by Michael Budi, CEO of WIR Group.