: 10 Tech Entrepreneurs You Should Keep Your Eye On

August, 2019

From self-made billionaires to young prodigies, I have had the chance of meeting and documenting some of the world’s most interesting entrepreneurs. The industries they work and found success in range from cooking to software and offline goods.

This article focuses on a unique sector of entrepreneurs, those focused on high-tech. According to a study done by two MIT professors, the average age of a successful tech founder is 45 years old. The reason behind this is due to the advantage of having experience, including multiple failures. If there is one thing all tech entrepreneurs have in common, it is the perseverance to continue when challenges arise.

This list represents ten tech entrepreneurs that are currently building innovative projects and global teams to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

1. Ricky Ng, Founder and CEO of AFintech
2. Sky Guo, Founder of Cypherium
3. Guy Yanpolskiy, Co-Founder of Genirium
4. Michael Budi, CEO of WIR Group
5. Sergei Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank
6. Dan Fleyshman, Co-Founder of Elevator Studio
7. Takeo Yasujima, CEO of Shake Hands Contract
8. Andreas Baulig, Founder of Baulig Consulting
9. Sarah Li, CEO of BlackPearl.Chain
10. Keiko Tanaka, CEO of LEVIAS

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