March, 2018

In the beginning of February, HiLo School, the best high-calcium low fat milk, held a press conference to officially open the HiLo School Drawing Competition 2018 series, a drawing and coloring competition and for the Elementary School level throughout Indonesia. In this 6th year of the competition, HiLo yet again collaborated with AR&Co. – 3rd year of collaboration, in developing HiLo School Draw & Play 2, an advanced gaming apps that utilize Augmented Reality technology that can transform the drawing and coloring of HiLo School Drawing Competition into 3D animations that can move and comes with educative games as well as spur kids on physical activity. In this app, children can also collect Augmented Reality HiLo School cards containing nutrition educational content that can add to the excitement of the HiLo School Draw & Play 2 game. The concept of the application is in line with HiLo School's mission, which is for Indonesian children to have a healthy and growing lifestyle up, not to the side.

During the conference, Dr Cindiawaty J. Pudjiadi MARS, MS, SpGK - Clinical Nutrition Specialist, also explained, "The development of gadgets and digital technology today usually makes children more passive physical activity, so it is here that the important role of parents and the environment to start to build an active and healthy lifestyle of children from an early age.”

Available in Google Play Store.