Singshot Units have been selected as the finalist at the 8th Annual Auggie Award 2017 in Silicon Valley, USA.

May, 2017

After winning the Auggie awards for two years in a row, two of Slingshot units, they are, AR&Co and DÄV have been selected once again as the finalist at their respected category at the world’s largest event dedicated to AR, VR and Wearable Technology – Augmented World Expo (AWE), held in Silicon Valley, USA on the 31st – 2nd June 2017. This year’s event has attracted more than 200 well-known global technology companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Niantic, IBM, Google, Autodesk, Vuforia, ODG, and many others.

Competing with other 222 submissions across 10 categories, AR&Co with its Augmented Reality painting project named “Pengantin Revolusi” and DÄV – Digital Avatar have been selected and publicly voted as the finalists of 8th Annual Auggie Awards for Best Art or Film (sponsored by) Unity and Best Input or Output Hardware category. This is due to the level of quality that have been demonstrated as well as how each of the solutions shown are highly relevant to the market, today.

“Pengantin Revolusi” is an Augmented Reality mobile-based app developed by AR&Co. in collaboration with Indonesian Museum Society and Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office for one of the masterpieces by Indonesian art maestro, Hendra Gunawan. It was showcased during the exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics in Central Jakarta. This application was aiming to increase the number of museum visitors in Jakarta – concerning there are quite a number of museums located in Jakarta area, but rarely visited by both local citizens and tourists. Through this app, art lovers can witness the painting come alive, offering an interactive digital experience about what it may have been like to be in the scene during the Indonesian Independence era as depicted in the painting ( view the Youtube video at: ).

DÄV - Digital Avatar is the World’s first measurable, one-on-one, interactive media placement company. Utilizing augmented reality technology, DÄV is established to help brands becoming closer with its consumers by increasing intimacy through interactive contents. For the first time, consumers in retail spaces can play and interact with the product’s packaging. They can use the packs to control various contents such as 2D/3D animation, video as well as playing games to win prizes. Using this method, brands are able to amplify their engagement strategy more effectively and creates new experience in shopping. In order to interact with DÄV, consumers have to grab the product from the shelving and direct it in front of DAV screen to activate the augmented reality content for the designated product. Each interactions are recorded by the system, thus giving a thorough reports for the brand owners to measure the effectiveness of their contents in real time ( view the Youtube video at: ).