DM ID Assisted the Pride of Kenya to Construct the Future.

April, 2017

In order to maintain existency as local giant company who has served Kenyans for decades, Intex Construction appointed DM ID to reinforce their brand and to also formulate a comprehensive brand development program for KG Group, the parent company that built by Intex Construction. KG Group accomodates other business units apart from Intex Construction for future expansion of the business.

DM ID created a comprehensive brand development program that covers the brand strategy, brand guideline and stunning visual system for both Intex Construction & KG Group. DM ID also assisted in raising brand equity and brand awareness for both companies, by structuring its brand architecture that communicates the relationship between the parent company and the business units within.

"Helping Intex Construction to grow bigger towards the future and entrusted even further to help shape KG Group as their holding company for future development is a great honor" said Daniel Surya, Chairman & President, Co-Founder of DM ID.

"Intex Construction has over 100 years of civil engineering experience in the market. Being the leaders in the industry, from the early days of doing the Country's first ever-public housing project and continuously being handed over many iconic projects. Therefore they feel the need to create a strong brand. DM ID feels honored to be part of this process that enables them to have more visibility and to continuously be the pride of Kenyans," said Managing Director of DM ID, Almira Shinantya.

As a developing country, Kenya has made significant structural and economic reforms that have contributed to sustained economic growth in the past decade. Construction sector itself contributes 9.3% growth in Q3 2016 out of 15.6% in Q3 2015 (Trading Economics). Through this brand development program, Intex Construction and KG Group are expected to build their strong images – locally and globally.