Mindstores Breaks a MURI Record for being The First 3D Retail Stores Network in The World

June, 2016

JAKARTA – On the 23rd of June 2016, Mindstores together with Alfamart were awarded “The First 3D Virtual Retail Stores Network in The World” by the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) for their innovative invention, ALFAMIND. The ceremony was held during a Media Gathering event for Alfa Group and for the soft launch of Alfamind at Graha Niaga CIMB, Sudirman, Jakarta.

Jaya Suprana, Chairman of MURI, said that Mindstores’ originality and innovation should be submitted into the MURI’s world records. Afterwards, Mr. Jaya Suprana presented the MURI record certificates to both corporate leaders, Hans Prawira as the President Director of Alfamart and Jimmy Halim as the CEO of Mindstores.

Alfamind offers society and Indonesian housewives in particular, to start their own business, enabling members to become an Alfamind store owner, partly due to the low level of initial investment required to get things rolling, yet this activity allows one to profit generously. “With Alfamind, store owners can directly offer thousands of products to their customers without having to source, manage or deal with hassles related to handling product inventory,” explained Jimmy Halim, Mindstores CEO. Available products in Alfamind vary widely, ranging from beauty products, accessories, toys and so forth which are supplied from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are scattered throughout Indonesia.

Powered by Mindstores 3D AR-VR application-based technology via Smartphone and or Tablet, Alfamind facilitates virtual-store owners to offer products to their customers in a 3D virtual environment which gives people the feeling they are shopping in a physical store environment.

“Alfamind is currently in operation and is utilised by hundreds of store owners. Alongside with Alfamart store network of 11,000 existing stores, this can only assist Alfamind to enhance and grow as a business, contributing to all stakeholders and in turn become a trend which could act as a benchmark in regards to the development of retail businesses all throughout Indonesia," added Viendra Primadia, Alfamart Virtual Store GM.