Talking About Media in the Island of the Gods

May, 2016

One of the many different conferences and forums that DÄV participated this year is the Asia Pacific Media Forum 2016 (APMF 2016). APMF itself is a forum that is held once every two years, where the who’s who in marketing, advertising, and media industry flock together to Bali, Indonesia to challenge old conventions and embrace new ideas that shape the future of media and consumer engagement. It is being hailed as the ideal ground to introduce new services, products, and technology; explore new possibilities and opportunities; and as the place for networking amongst the movers and shakers of Asia. Those who attend have been those who control of more than 90% of advertising media budget in Indonesia and those who make influential decisions from across the region.

Using the theme of “Game On” this year’s APMF 2016, Stephen Ng, CEO of DÄV, shared the stage with world class speakers and industry experts such as Kentaro Kimura - CoCEO, ECD Hakuhodo Kettle; Morihiko Hasebe - ECD, Hakuhodo Japan; Paul Miles - Senior GM, Global Marketing Division, ASICS Corp.; Jeff Malmad - MD Head of Mobile & Life+; Mindshare North America; and Jacek Utko - Media Designer & Consultant among many others.

Speaking on how Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) will affect the future of consumer engagement, Stephen argues that whether the technology can either disrupt or enhance consumer engagement depends on the brand’s ability to adopt them correctly. He encourages the attendees to not see it just as a seasonal gimmick but rather embrace its vast potential to enhance and strengthens brand’s mobile strategy for long-term gains.