DÄV, Augmented Reality, and Japan

May, 2016

In 14-15 May 2016, DÄV went to the second SLUSH Asia that was held in Tokyo Japan. With 4,000 attendees, which included 360 startups, 100 investors, 200 journalists and 70 speakers from all around the world, Slush Asia is considered as one of the largest startup and technology events held in Asia. It was truly an international event with its 400 volunteers coming from more than 38 countries. Notable speakers in attendance this year includes William Tanuwijaya, CEO and Co-Founder of Tokopedia; Nikesh Arora, President and COO of SoftBank Group Corp.; Jiang Wang, CTO of Alibaba Group; and Akie Abe, the First Lady of Japan. DÄV itself was no stranger to Slush as it participated in Slush 2015 in Helsinki, Finland,however it was the first time DÄV attended the smaller sister event in Asia.

In this event, DÄV’s CEO, Stephen Ng, was part of the panel that discussed Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology together with Stuart English of Nokia Technology’s Head of Worldwide Sales for Presence Capture and Jayson Chi of McKinsey & Company as the panel moderator. Here, Stephen made the argument that in marketing and advertising nowadays there is an expectation by the general consumers for digital interactivity. Thus, it is only natural for brands to adopt AR to satisfy that consumers’ desire. He believes that soon AR, and not just the more popular and talked about VR, will no longer be an exception but rather an everyday norm to create and maintain consumers’ engagement. DÄV as the first and only measurable, one-on- one, interactive media placement in the world, can definitely be the bridge between brands and their consumers.

To watch a full preview of Slush Asia, click the link here: https://youtu.be/1zBkwMQSOq4