DÄV (Un)conferencing in Jogjakarta

April, 2016

On 21-23 April 2016 DÄV participated in WPP Stream in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. WPP Stream is lauded as Indonesia’s premier and only unconference that brings together CEOs and various rising stars from brands, media, and technology companies. In the three days the event was held they debated, discussed, and shaped ideas and opportunities on over 25 different topics such as why are the current conditions are so attractive for brand-building and what the future holds for the Indonesian technology eco-system as one of the world’s most rapidly advancing economies. 200 leaders attended this invitation-only unconference who come from companies the likes of Google, Facebook, Citibank, Indofood, L’Orèal, Codigo, Kompas, Emtek, Endemol, Twitter, Ogilvy, KLN, Coca-Cola, and GDP Venture among others.

DÄV was privileged enough to have gotten the opportunity to showcase the latest implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) technology for the media industry by transforming the way brands interact and communicate with their consumers in retail stores. Keeping in line with our believe that technology should be used to elevate and improve the life of everyday people everywhere, DÄV believes that it has found a way to connect people and brands in a unique and different way that able to improve the communication of both parties that can lead to mutually beneficial relationship.