AR & Co. has been awarded and listed as i40 Companies at the London Stock Exchange

May, 2014

The i40 (Innovation 40) has been awarded and listed to AR&Co by The New Economy, a quarterly magazine for executives in the financial field, and regularly publishes a list of 40 most innovative individuals and companies globally. Representing Indonesia, AR&Co was chosen for its innovations in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) technology which combines objects in the real world with any digital display information. It becomes one of its visions, that is, to transform lives with AR technology. Innovating for the future, AR&Co is creating and developing AR applications combined with other technologies such as 4-D effects, and applications with facial recognition features. Since 2009, AR&Co has delivered hundreds of projects for global clients such as Disney, Caltex, Cartoon Network, and Garuda Indonesia.

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