Alfamart and Alfamidi: An Exciting Change with Redspace to Better Serve Indonesian Families

August, 2015

Alfamart (PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya) and Alfamidi (PT Midi Utama Indonesia) are the biggest retail players in Indonesia. It is no surprise to find these widely known minimarkets in almost every neighborhood. Alfamart has already expanded to more than 7,000 stores across the nation, each with the ambition to serve the surrounding community with their daily needs. Its sister company, Alfamidi, has around 700 stores that purposed as a small supermarket that cater to weekly and monthly needs. Still, they realize that it needs more than just a large distribution network to poise as a leading retail brand.

Amidst the tight competition in the retail landscape, it strives to create a differentiation and bring better shopping experiences across its minimarket chains. Alfamart and Alfamidi have collaborated with Redspace as its branding partner to deliver strategic and design solutions that will help reach this objective.

With the spirit of innovation, Alfamart and Alfamidi strive to bring the best capacity to the customers, their internal people and the community at large. This rebranding process will help them stretch their thinking into this matter and will give insights to make them into stronger brands and the smart choice for Indonesian families.

Stefanus Alvie, Creative Managing Director of Redspace commented “Even before this rebranding process, Alfamart and Alfamidi have been a part of our daily lifestyle. It is an honor for us to work with such established brands that are very visible in our every day’s lives. Through this great opportunity, we will combine our expertise to develop an effective strategy and consistent visual identity across the brands’ touch points. We hope that this can steer the brands forward and be the catalyst for national retail growth.”

With the heart to serve 2.5 million customers daily, Alfamart and Alfamidi share their commitment to provide reliable shopping experiences and are welcoming an exciting change to come.