Walkman Warna Warni Musikku

Hear the colorful sound of innovation from sony walkman


For many decades, Sony Walkman is keen to connect people with music. It was known for its portable cassette audio player and was the leader in the digital player industry. Nevertheless, it has to compete with new innovations that are surfacing today. Hence this time, Sony Walkman aims to launch its new product lines, attracting the youngsters and show that they are still on the game.


Since new inventions arise in the music technology industry, Sony Market is starting to find new solution to keep its relevance. Hereby, the challenge is to attract the young audiences once again, to turn their attention to Sony Walkman as a cool, innovative, youthful product.


To revive the spirit of youth in Sony Walkman, visual implementation is done by choosing vibrant and dynamic colors suited for the young audience. The implementation of brandmark to the brand applications that follows, also to carry the message of a colorful life by Sony Walkman. As to support the launching event, Redspace teamed up with AR&Co to develop an augmented reality game. The game was called ‘Flipbook Moves’ where people are invited to follow the dancing figure shown on screen with their moves being detected. Through this innovative game technology, it was able to attract youngsters, raising the awareness of the new Sony Walkman products and revive the brand itself.