Inaya Putri Bali

inaya putri bali invites you to a sophisticated
journey into bali’s heritage


Inaya Putri Bali is an international five-star hotel and resort in Nusa Dua Bali. It is also part of the renowned Inna Hotel Group in Bali. With an architecture inspired from Desa Penglipuran, Inaya Putri Bali is accommodated with luxurious guestrooms, suites and villas ideal for families, newlyweds and holiday makers. As a part to introduce this majestic experience, Inaya Putri Bali is eager to reach local and international guests through solid brand strategy and identity.


Since Inaya Putri Bali seeks to embrace both Balinese culture and sophistication in its hotel and resort, the challenge here is how to translate that authentic Balinese feeling in a contemporary approach. Since it is a new hotel, Inaya Putri Bali also has to stand out amidst the competitive hospitality industry in Bali.


As an approach to the development of this new hotel, creation of a new brand name is involved which later resulted in ‘Inaya Putri Bali’. The name ‘Inaya’ comes in alignment with ‘Grand Inna’, an established four-star hotel under the same group. Meanwhile, ‘Putri Bali’ is inspired from a local legend of seven Bali princesses that represent different positive personalities and colors. This identity is then translated unto the brandmark, which symbolizes sun as a source of life and the emblem of an Indonesia’s precious gem. Consistently, the brandmark is translated into different brand applications like name card, ID card for hotel staffs, booklet, signage and others. Altogether, they create a solid brand identity that supports the grand voyage of Inaya Putri Bali.