The Hundred

Redefined Premium Living in the Heart of Jakarta


The Hundred is a project by Farpoint, one of the most different and unique property developer in Indonesia. Located in the heart of Jakarta in Mega Kuningan, The Hundred is a premium building project conceptualized with rewards in luxury and high investment. As a compound that provides both leisure and hospitality, The Hundred consist not only residential, but also shopping mall, hotel, and office complex.


As a brand new luxurious property, it is challenged to be different from its competitor, hence a clear positioning, a simple naming and beautiful visual identity are needed. Not only to gain awareness as a trusted property but also to build a bold, opulence image.


Crafting the proper brand essence and personalities to distinctly positioned The Hundred among its competitors help the company to stand for something original in the mind of consumer. Meanwhile, The Hundred is chosen as the project name, which taken from the coordinate of the building. It also equals to the rewards of luxury, perfection, rewarding investment and experience which inline with the company’s soul to create a high-end and impactful property building in the city.