Barbie - Mattel



Mattel’s well-known Barbie doll brand collaborated with UK-based department store, Debenhams, to hold a special 5-week long event during the school holidays in one of Jakarta’s most prominent malls. The aim was to increase awareness on a bigger scale, boost sales and strengthen branding. The brand wanted to introduce their Princess Power doll collection in Indonesia for the first time and at the same time also have the first Barbie Augmented Reality experience in Indonesia.


To create an interactive experience for little girls to appreciate the notion behind Barbie in Princess Power product line, have an emotional connection to the portrayed character, and ultimately have fun! We needed to convey the message of being super – that each and every one of them can be Super, just like Superhero Princess Barbie.


AR&Co developed and set up an Augmented Reality experience area for a highlighted feature during the Barbie in Princess Power event. Little girls in Princess Power costumes step into the large booth where they view themselves virtually flying across the sky and are able to virtually lift up heavy objects such as as large four-post bed. Photos capturing the cheerful moments of these experiences are snapped and printed on site or given digitally with many participants choosing to upload their pictures onto social media with the hashtags #BeSuper and #AkuSuper meaning “I am Super”!