Asuransi ASTRA

Bringing Peace of Mind to Millions


Asuransi Astra is an Indonesian general insurance company, established in 1956. Their dedication in delivering high-quality services for nation’s life and achieving customer satisfaction has always been a priority. Although this has made them a household name for insurance industry in Indonesia, their brand image needs to be unified across all products and services to strengthen their positioning.


Asuransi Astra Buana has lost its edge over the years. Customers only know the company from the remaining personalities developed years ago. Their image was also overshadowed by one of its main product, Garda Oto. Thus they need to redefine its brand equity in order to relive its brand soul to be relevant to today’s demand.


Combating the negatives and capturing potential aspect from the brand, we created a comprehensive brand platform for further strengthening the brand in the market. Starting from changing the spirit and value, the company is pushed with the essence to become a fundamental part of life and to give a delightful experience through its product offerings, The new visual identity clearly portrays this and set differentiation among others.