Peter shearer

Chief Business Development Officer

Peter Shearer serves as the Chief Business Development Officer of WIR group in developing various new businesses and overseeing the entire development of new media, gaming products and technology services, as well as leading strategic planning and guiding all marketing activities. With offices in Jakarta, Singapore, Silicon Valley, New York, Barcelona & Malta, the business units under WIR Group have served more than 20 countries globally.

Prior to his current position, with formal training in both marketing communication & business management, Peter started his career by developing business in merchandising, promotion, printing and an online-based community websites. He then pursued his interests in the field of digital through mobile gaming applications and augmented reality technology.

Peter joined WIR group by the end of 2009 and helped growing one of the technology units, namely AR&Co. He is highly-skilled in designing impactful digital solutions that utilize augmented reality (AR) technology. Nowadays, AR&Co has grown to become the world’s leading and Asia’s largest augmented reality and innovative technology company that serves clients globally, including some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Unilever, Danone, Toyota, Nissan, Sony, Samsung, LG, Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Networks and many others.

Peter also co-founded DÄV; a technology unit under WIR in 2015, as the world's first augmented reality based One-on-One interactive media placement company with a vast coverage from Indonesia to both Japan and the Philippines in the pipeline.

As a leader in his field, Peter Shearer has spent many years designing and building new business models in the digital marketing industries. Not only is he an intuitive leader, Peter also has a fabulous sense of humor. He is the type of man who gets things done and does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to project delivery.