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BUMN Mining Holdings transforms into its new identity - MIND ID

As Indonesia turns 74 years old On August 17, 2019, Mining Industry Holding (HIP) gives a gift to Indonesia with the birth of their new identity MIND ID. MIND ID is Mining Industry Indonesia, a transformation of HIP which houses 5 companies, namely PT. Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum), PT. Antam Tbk, PT. Bukit Asam Tbk, PT. Freeport Indonesia and PT. Timah Tbk. This new identity also clarifies the function of Inalum as a Mining Industry Holding and there is no change in the structure of legal entities or operations.

DM ID is proud of the trust given by the Mining Industry Holding family, who have chosen DM ID to be able to assist the transformation of the Mining Industry Holding to MIND ID. DM ID helps to establish the name and logo for MIND ID, which is in line with the goal of the Mining Industry Holding to provide new enthusiasm and synergy of the five largest mining companies in Indonesia.

The identity of MIND ID has a philosophy of Indonesian mineral wealth which is represented by a solid circle on the left side, and on the right side is a synergy of all members to build civilization through mining holding, prosper the nation, and create a better future.



MindStores x Wahana

To improve shipping services for consumers, MindStores has signed a collaboration with WAHANA Express. Wahana is an expedition service company with shipping coverage across all regions in Indonesia and Singapore. By presenting Savings, Fast, and Friendly service, it is hoped that WAHANA will make it easier for consumers of MindStores virtual stores in choosing freight forwarding expeditions.



WIR Group Sharing Session with OJK

On Friday, 16th August 2019, WIR group was invited to have a sharing session with the Financial Services Authority (OJK – Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) located at Wisma Mulia 2, Jakarta. The theme of the sharing session this time is Merging Business With Augmented Reality Technology and attended by 70 participants, consisting of internal Information System Application Development work units, the OJK IT Team and the Deputy Commissioner for Information and Financial Systems. In this session WIR Group shared what is augmented reality, how does augmented reality work, and how is augmented reality implemented in the business world. In addition to sharing sessions, WIR Group also provides a tech corner where every participant are allowed to experience augmented reality technology and also try the latest AR glasses - Microsoft Hololens.



What’s on DAV 2.0

DAV 2.0 first roll-out engaged with a number of large products such as Electronic city, De’sound, Capable, BMW Tour Travel, HILO School, Youvit, CAKAP, Philips, Panasonic, and many others. So look forward to the presence of DAV 2.0 in Alfamart around you specifically in the Greater Jakarta area, and get attractive promos with massive discounts from every Brand that joins.





Media Art Globale 2019: Trans Human Code is a festival that presents the latest media artworks. This festival is a collaboration between the Connected Art Platform and Komunitas Salihara and will feature 17 local and international artists with media artworks such as video, virtual reality, augmented reality and installations that discuss issues around technology, science, and the environment.

At this event WIR Group (AR&Co.) Collaborated with an artist from Yogyakarta - Budi Ubrux to bring his work named “Nasi Bungkus” to life. In general, augmented reality technology use 2-dimensional media as a marker and run with a mobile application, this time AR&Co. present a new innovation where we use the 3-dimensional media of "Nasi Bungkus" to be used as a marker and run it on a website base. Each "Nasi Bungkus” has a different augmented reality content, visit see and try yourself to find out the virtual contents of each "Nasi Bungkus" only in Media Art Globale 2019 - Jakarta from 9 August - 1 September 2019.

Media Art Globale not only presents exhibitions but is accompanied by supporting programs such as symposia, art talks and workshops that bring artists, art collectors, to technology and science experts to discuss the role of media art in technology, industry and economics.


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