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MILI collaborates with MindStores by presenting a digital platform to improve the welfare of Indonesian micro-entrepreneurs or UMKM. MILI offers several advantages, among them are the fast, stable and safe transactions, the features that will make it easier for members to develop their business, and the availability of varying types of signature products. With this collaboration, it can provide innovative services while going forward.



World Robotic Explorer

On the 29th of June, AR&Co. had an opportunity to take part in an event supported by World of Robotic Explorer. The event was held in Hotel Salak Bogor, participated by Robotics Community from all around Indonesia where they display their latest technology. Each robot has its own unique features, from Education, Telepresence, Research, Construction and Entertainment. All different types of robots were displayed to show off their best roles and capabilities.

Taking part in the event, we joined as one of the tenants in the booth exhibition, by displaying some of our best projects from AR, VR, to Neuro. We also provide an AR Photobooth, allowing users to take photo with a variety of robots’ characters from World of Robotic Explorer.



Stay fluent! CAKAP will continue offering new voucher rewards!

It has been 3 months since CAKAP & MINAR first partnering to spread chances for its MINAR Miners to learn English & mandarin language anytime, anywhere efficiently using CAKAP app. Furthermore, MINAR Miners can get free classes by hunting CAKAP e-Voucher in MINAR app! Now, tue excitement continues as CAKAP will continue partnering with MINAR offering newer e-vouchers ready to grab by end of July 2019! So be prepared and keep mining for your chance to grab this exciting CAKAP e-vouchers to increase your language skills to the next level.



MINDSTORES AT APJI Halal Bihalal 1440 H

Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasaboga Indonesia (APJI) held an event called Halal Bihalal on July 1st, 2019, at Sasana Kriya TMII. On this occasion, MindStores attended to present the development progress of APJI Mind application to all members of the central APJI and regional representatives throughout Indonesia. It is hoped that this application will soon be launched in November, coinciding with the Disrupto event.



TVRI's First Brand Engagement After Re-branding


TVRI has changed their logo, but after visual re-branding, it's time to realign the internal team with the new spirit. This first Brand Engagement was held at TVRI's headquarter, Senayan, Jakarta. The Brand Engagement was led by DM ID's Senior Brand Consultant, accompanied by Mr. Helmy Yahya, CEO of TVRI as a moderator.

During this brand engagement, DMID held a mini workshop with TVRI’S top management. The workshop started with dividing the participants to a few small groups where they had to discuss and agree on TVRI’s future direction, as well as their commitment to achieve it.

Brand Engagement and Internal Socialization are part of the steps in the whole re-branding process. It is important to ensure the new soul and spirit of the brand is well translated to the team, therefore become a whole reflection of the brand from inside out.


In collaboration with WE+ - smart insurance marketplace, AXA and Zurich


WIR Group has deployed additional corporate protection coverage through superior Health insurances for its employees covering various medical needs including doctor’s services, inpatient/outpatient hospital care, dental treatments and many more thus ensuring the employees’ well-being. “We really try our best to take care of our employees. With this protection coverage, we hope that this will benefit them thus making them to focus more on delivering the best for all clients and stakeholders.”, said Philip Cahyono being the Group Chief Controlling Officer of WIR Group, “We will always strive to improve the company, not only the deliverables, but also our own people internally as part of the big family.”


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