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Lempad: Darkness is white

An exhibition was held in Salihara Gallery on 19th June, in honor of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862-1978). He was a painter, sculptor and traditional architect who built numerous houses and temples in Bali. His works burst with boundless imagination, inspired by folklore and myths that richly exist in Balinese society. The exhibition presents a number of Lempad’s drawings and sculptures borrowed from museums and private collections in Bali and Jakarta.

In a collaboration of Art & Technology, WIR Group has participated in the exhibition by turning one of Lempad’s painting alive with Augmented Reality. The artwork called “The priest, the monkey, the snake, and the tiger: Darmaswami is treating the sick crown prince.”

AR&Co. as a part of WIR Group has brought art to a qualitatively new level. The event was enlivened by numerous Lempad posters placed around the gallery, most enjoyable and remarkable experience to art lovers who came to visit.



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Dialogue with
the Communication Forum of the Astra Group Regional Office "Inspiring The Nation"

As in previous years, the Regional Office Communication Forum has held once again this year, 2019. The forum aims to strengthen the relationships and communication networks between Chairman of the Astra Group Regional Coordinator (Korwil) throughout Indonesia. This activity is carried out with discussion, question & answer and sharing session about Korwils’ experiences on their assignments.

In this occasion, Almira Shinantya was given the trust to share the knowledge in strengthening Astra's brand image. The Regional Coordinators were also presented with Astra's Brand Guidelines so that the Astra brand can be applied consistently according to the rules.

This forum was held in an active manner, where the Regional Coordinators were enthusiastic throughout the discussion especially during Q&A where they actively asking questions.



WIR Group to enrich MAG19 Festival 2019

WIR Group supports another international art festival, through Connected Art Platform, showcasing cutting-edge media artworks from Asia and Europe.

Connected Art Platform is an ecosystem art platform with Asian and European focus, so that artists, collectors, art industry players, and art lovers from both continents can reach each other and collaborate with projects and exhibitions.

The MAG19 festival will be held this coming August in Jakarta and will feature exciting Digital Reality features that will enhance and enrich the experience of festival visitors.

For more information, check out www.mediaartglobale.com



Introducing the new WIR Network company, MinuteVideos : We Animate Change

Introducing the new network company of Wir Group, MinuteVideos Indonesia is the company who blend art with stories to captivate and positively change the way everyone views themselves and the world. MinuteVideos believe it is important to give every person a voice through stories they feel can help others around the world. Every videos made have the purpose and message so that people can try more, do more and become better.

For more information about MinuteVideos Indonesia, please check out here and subscribe their youtube channel here


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