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Mediv Roadshow in Bandung.

After being successfully launched at the end of April, MEDIV as the pioneer of the first health and beauty industry service platform in Indonesia is increasingly active in introducing the application of #BisnisModalJari to a target market. One such effort was carried out by holding a roadshow in several cities in Indonesia.

The first roadshow was held on May 18, 2019 at Harris Hotel & Convention Bandung which presented Mr. Honesti Basyir as CEO of PT. Kimia Farma and several other speakers such as Stefanie Kurniadi as Founder of CRP Group, and Yasa Singgih as Founder of Men's Republic. It is hoped that this roadshow with a series of events in the form of talk shows and Q&As can provide information about the perks of the MEDIV application and the various benefits gained by MEDIV Partners.



"Lasenza joining MINAR to spread a love for MINAR Female Miners."

60% of MINAR downloaders are women so it would be amazing that we can reward them by specifically partnering with Lasenza, one of the most famous and world's biggest brand for women apparel.
With not only one, but 3 voucher types from buy 1 get 1 to discount Rp 250K without minimum transaction!



DAV 2.0 to feature fun interactive games for brands.

The soon to be released DAV 2.0 interactive digital media will feature advertisement content that can trigger fun games for customers.

The devices which will be placed in the high traffic area of minimarts, and these games will be a new attractive feature in the retail space. This will also attract minimart customers to try and interact with the DAV 2.0 devices. The games that will be featured in the early stages will be the classic games of pinball and "spin the wheel".



FGD Session in Palembang for Inalum Brand Development Program.

In early May, DMID held a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) in Palembang, Sumatra. This FGD was held by DM ID team to gain insights from the middle management. Twenty representatives of various divisions participated in the FGD.

FGD is a vital part in brand building, where we engage the internal team from all levels and divisions in the process to understand better and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the current condition of the brand, and what positive emotion and expectation of the brand in the future. The expectation encouraged all personnel in the room to actively take part in succeeding the branding project.
Stay tuned on how the brand development by DM ID would bring Inalum as the new 'world-class' benchmark among other state owned enterprises in Indonesia.



Fruitful Business 2019.

The Fruitful Business annual event 2019 was held on 16th May at Hotel Mulia Jakarta. The topic of this year's event "Disruption". The tremendous event gathered 22 speakers with different background top in their field, to share their opinions of Disruption Era.

WIR Group represented by CEO Daniel Surya joined the event as one the guest speaker from Branding division.
In a 3 minute speech, WIR group shared their thoughts how Disruption Era has influenced branding in so many ways followed by a demonstration project by ARnco.
Dedicated to the success of the event, all business units from WIR Group takes part by joining the exhibition. DAV, Mindstores, Minar & ARnco presented their works along the night.

The event is supported by Evangelisasi Pribadi Shekinah school under The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta. A seminar with a mission to inspire & motivate entrepreneurs, businessman, professionals & officials to work with faith in Christianity.



"A Quarter Million MINAR Miners."


Cheers to all MINAR Miners who have supported us so in such a short time MINAR has achieved A Quarter Millions Downloaders, and thanks to that, now we will focus on answering MINAR users demand, MINAR will keep expanding with more rewards to cover more cities in Indonesia and even planning for a new country to expand soon!


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