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Mindstores Solution for Making Indonesia 4.0.

WIR unit Mindstores was invited by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry to showcase our technology platform at the prestigious Indonesia Industrial Summit 2019. Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla and Minster of Industry Airlangga Hartarto visited the Mindstores booth and received explanation on how the Mindstores platform can boost the real sector of Indonesia by empowering women and any micro entrepreneurs to sell and earn income; thus supporting the Ministry's goal in "Making Indonesia 4.0”.



DM ID: 29 Cities Roadshow’ in building working culture transformation for TVRI.

DM ID is honored in transforming the brand identity of TVRI. The new identity was introduced to the public on 29 March 2019, which was carried out at the same time in all TVRI stations in Indonesia.

Continuing the transformation program, TVRI appoints DM ID to provide assistance on the next rebranding implementation: New Working Culture Transformation Program.

This program aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new working culture transformation to arm the employees of TVRI with the new perspective as the internal team of nation’s unifying media, and to live & breathe the aspired vision to the public. This activity will be carried out thoroughly, from the TVRI office in Jakarta to the TVRI office in 28 cities in Indonesia.



Mediv Socialization event.

MindStores collaborates with Kimia Farma to develop the first and only healthcare industry service platform in Indonesia called Mediv. In preparation for the launch of Mediv at the end of April 2019, Kimia Farma invited MindStores to participate in the Mediv Socialization event held on Friday 12th April 2019 at Hotel Yello, Jakarta.

In addition to the MindStores team's attendance, the Mediv Socialitazion event program was also joined by the Kimia Farma team and representatives from each Kimia Farma pharmacy that has installed Mediv Screen devices. In the event itself, the MindStores team presented how-to guides and explained several other technical things, from the payment mechanism to the delivery of goods to their designated address.



A Synergy collaboration for Decathlon Indonesia Biggest Store in Indonesia.

Jakarta - 25 April 2019 - Decathlon Indonesia opens the third store located at Mall Taman Anggrek, which also become its largest store in Indonesia with 2800 sqm. Decathlon Indonesia is collaborating with AR&Co. (WIR GROUP) to provide unique experiences to sports through virtual sports playground as known as virtual soccer and basketball games, also Augmented Reality Dance with virtual coaches.

"WIR Group have established proves solutions across industries through the utilization of digital reality such s VR, AR or AI. That is why we see that Decathlon and WIR Group have a similar mission to give the best experience to our sport users and in this case through a new and unique way which utilising digital reality. " said Jeremie Ruppert, Director of Decathlon Indonesia.




Grand Sahid Jaya take a leap on an ambitious digital strategy using MINAR mobile application to enhance the digital experience of Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel customers. By using MINAR mobile application, Grand Sahid Jaya will be able to boost its hotel’s restaurants revenue and performance by driving foot traffic either dine in or take away. Equipped with MINAR’s Geolocation and Augmented Reality technology, customers will be able to enjoy accumulating Grand Sahid Hotel restaurants digital discount vouchers in real time. MINAR incorporates the latest uses of new technologies to offer its customers an environment that resembles them. Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel MINAR vouchers will be available from May 2019 in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta regions.



Daniel Surya at CoHive CoLearn Event Shared Insights on How to Build Brands for Start-ups.


YOGYAKARTA, Mr. Daniel Surya was invited by Co-Hive (CoLearn) to share an insightful outlook on how to build a brand to grow a start up with effective an effective brand strategy. Brand in undoubtedly one of major factors for any business’ growth in any start up ecosystem. The world’s most recognized brands that you know, took decades to become the power brands that they are today. However, to become the giants that they are today, they all started small. They were all a start-up before. Branding is important for the growth of a business. Mr. Daniel Surya gave the tips and tricks on how to communicate and connect with the heart of the customer because brand building may look daunting, especially for a start-up or a small business, but he encourages that the best brands are like people; the resilient ones are those who are consistent and tough but flexible to changes.


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