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McDonald's and MINAR Combine Forces for New Guest Experience in 27 Cities Across Indonesia.

McDonald’s Indonesia with MINAR has arrived in 27 cities across Indonesia and people in select cities can now get different kinds of McDonald’s menu items vouchers for free when they play MINAR, thanks to a partnership between McDonald's and MINAR.

McDonalds Indonesia is the first F&B partner of MINAR in distributing 30.000++ of its vouchers. The trade-off for McDonalds is self-explanatory: MINAR players find themselves in search of Minar Stones all around the city and can walk through the doors of the golden arches to mine for Minar Stones in hope of finding the hidden treasures inside the stones i.e. the McDonald’s vouchers and decide to buy a menu or two in McDonald’s Indonesia.

By downloading the MINAR app, players can collect MINAR Stamps and enjoy iconic McDonald's favourites like the McDonald’s Fries, Choco Sundae, Fried Chicken Drumstick and even Ice Coffee with the simple tap of the Minar Stones – enabling players to collect Minar Stamps to redeem the McDonald’s vouchers. The initiative is the latest innovation for McDonald's, which, along with its franchisees, has been focusing on accelerating growth by evolving the guest experience in restaurants in Indonesia.

The partnership shows McDonald's Indonesia and MINAR share a commitment and passion for user’s experience with implementation of new technology such as MINAR mobile application.



Location Survey of The DAV MEDIV Pilot Outlet.

In realizing the Kimia Farma's Go Digital campaign project which is being developed with MindStores, representatives of Kimia Farma, MindStores and DAV, conducted a survey to several Kimia Farma outlets to be installed with DAV MEDIV.

The survey was ongoing for 4 days in mid-February, to perform detailed checks on strategic outlets. the thing to consider when processing the survey is to have many visitors every day, strategic placement, access to electricity, internet speed, regulating CCTV, generator supplies and air conditioning. From the results of the survey, picked 6 pilot outlet locations that are scattered in the Jabodetabek area.



Participate in PRIA, DMID has The Opportunity to Celebrate by Sharing Knowledge.

Remaining their commitment to become the epicenter in Indonesia’s Public Relation society, this year DMID have the privilege to join a celebration of Indonesian PR world by sharing a piece of their knowledge on “The Importance of Communicating Values” in PR Indonesia Awards (PRIA) – Workshop series.

Proudly joining the event that was held in Bandung, West Java Our Senior Brand Consultant was given the opportunity to share the importance of Brand Values and how both Branding and Public Relation are two inseparable elements in creating company’s sustainability.

The workshop itself was divided into two different session, The first session Grace was able to share the basic knowledge of branding and what will be expected from a Public Relation as a strategic guider, and the second session was wrapped as a coaching clinic session where each participants were given the opportunity to consult their understanding of maintaining company’s reputation from branding perspective.



Nurturing new talents in technology sector: WIR Group supports vocational school in upgrading technology skill-set.


Being one of the best vocational schools in the nation, SMK Wikrama accommodates its students' passion and curiosities towards an exploration of new technologies to be more competitive when entering the industry, as there is an increasing number of tech start-ups that are being acknowledged as Unicorns, even Decacorn in Indonesia.

In conjunction with the company spirit to grow Indonesia's new talents in creative technology, WIR Group establishes collaboration with SMK Wikrama.

To mark the start of this initiative, a workshop lead by Senja Lazuardi and Roger Fatah representing the tech unit was conducted with all teachers to discuss and share how industries have evolved including what additional skill-set they may need in the workplace. WIR Group hopes that such a workshop will help more institutions to create better alumnus ready in facing global competition, highly aware of the power of technology and adaptable with new changes.


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