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Daniel Surya CNBC Coverage on Scaling AR and Making It Works for Many.

CNBC Live, 27 March 2019 – Exclusive appearance of Mr Daniel Surya, Chairman and CEO of WIR Group, in CNBC to talk about Augmented Reality and how its implementation is beneficial for the many. This topic immerges in light of the world’s recognition of Augmented Reality technology trend nowadays. The technology is growing fast and still have a long way to go, but Mr Daniel Surya elaborates on how it can work well and the benefits they can bring to the table. Most notable points within the talk are the fact that Augmented Reality technology can be applied to all kind of fields and levels of knowledge. AR provides the perfect mix between reality and virtual reality, so real physical devices can be used while saving costs and reducing risks.

Augmented Reality will offer a completely new creative tool or medium. This promises the replacement of traditional devices with technologies that depict worlds in ever-expanding creativity and innovation, providing a level of immersion and experience that has never been seen before. Mr Daniel Surya added that Augment Reality could be game-changing: users will no longer view content but will be placed inside ever-expanding virtual worlds and find themselves at the centre, hence the “immersive” nature of the technology.

To watch the telecast, click here


MINAR Launches Its App in 27 Cities Across Indonesia.

  • MINAR aims to benefit the entire Indonesian people.
  • MINAR is constantly looking for new partners to increase the in-app feature in providing a variety of rewards to the people across Indonesia.
  • MINAR Programme partners include McDonald's, Electronic City, Alfamart, Desound and Denpoo Electronics.

MINAR has launched its mobile application to 27 cities across Indonesia. The company will enter Indonesia’s major cities such as Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, Manado, Palembang, Makasar and Balikpapan to name a few starting with a free top up phone credit offerings and McDonald’s vouchers but ultimately aiming to expand its list of offerings that have made it in Greater Jakarta region.

MINAR’s aim is to partner with merchants to bring benefit to everyone who uses our technology whether consumers looking for a bargain, or merchants looking to increase foot traffic or online traffic alike. GO-JEK has a positive impact on millions of people throughout Indonesia and we want more people to share in that benefit. It is MINAR’s understanding of, and commitment to, Indonesia that will enable MINAR to become the market leader in this specific mobile application category.


The Wave of Fresh Air from The Nation’s Unifying Media.

March 2019 is the long-awaited time to proudly greet the new brand identity of TVRI. As a national channel that has been known by the Indonesian people since 1962, TVRI is the only established television channel who is capable to reach extensively to remote areas of Indonesia.
TVRI is passionate about giving the new identity to the public. As a media who promotes the values, culture and diversity of Indonesia, TVRI displays trusted information, entertaining content as well as education for the community up to the international audience.

DMID helps TVRI strengthen its position and transform the face to give a fresher look for TVRI identity. Aligned with TVRI's new vision, DM ID assisted TVRI to be the World Class Broadcaster and a media that can be trusted by the public through a new brand strategy. With this new identity, TVRI welcomes the new spirit of creativity and innovation as the nation’s unifying media.



Mindstores and APJI Develops Application for Catering Services in Indonesia.

After the 3rd National Conference held in February 2019 in Jakarta, Mr Irwan Iden Gobel was elected as general chairman of the Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasaboga Indonesia (APJI) with 16000+ catering companies already incorporated in it for the 2019-2024 period. Along with the inauguration of the new chairman and board of APJI which was held on March 18th, 2019 at the Kartika Chandra Hotel in Jakarta, MindStores and APJI signed a partnership to develop an application for catering service in Indonesia called APJI Mind.

APJI Mind is a virtual store network platform equipped with Network Procurement and Augmented / Virtual Reality technology developed by MindStores. APJI Mind itself is equipped with various features that make it easy for its members to develop their business more optimally. Because the existence of this Virtual Store Network Platform can help business entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia to connect with each other transparently.

In addition, APJI Mind makes performance faster and has an efficient cost efficiency value. It is hoped that this application can help the growth of the foodservice industry in Indonesia to develop more rapidly and be ready to face challenges in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 in the future.



MINAR Established Partnership with DE’SOUND INDONESIA.

De'sound is an exclusive distributor of world-class audio and video brand in Indonesia including JBL and Harman Kardon brand.

De’sound turns up its volume by elevating its game once again by establishing a relationship with MINAR and expanding its footprint in the mobile application genre. This partnership is the extension of MINAR’s promises to provide Indonesian people with trending and relevant rewards within the mobile application.



AR&Co. Youtube Channel

As one of the biggest social media platforms, Youtube has been an effective platform for a brand, corporate or even personal to share their works or portfolio to the society. Therefore AR&Co. always update their youtube channel account with their updated projects and news. Check out AR&Co youtube channel here and subscribe to get to know more about Augmented Reality. You can find more than 100 videos about Augmented Reality projects in their channel and watch their latest video Teman Naura, Messi Challenge and HiLo School Playland.



Maxindo Renault Indonesia with DM ID Visit to Renault India.


DM ID is proud to be collaborating with Renault, a European car brand based in France. Recently, Renault invited DM ID to participate in visiting its Renault India headquarter. Mas Sulistiyo, our very own Design Director represented DM ID to join Maxindo Renault Indonesia in seeing Renault's manufacturing quality firsthand.

The visit was intended to see how Renault made it big in India. As of today, Renault is one of the successful European brand in India, with more than 300 dealers in India. DM ID also researched how Renault build its brand in India through understanding the local market behavior and mindset that made its products relevant to what Indians need.

Besides that, we were honored to see Renault’s prototype car that will be sold in Indonesia in the near future. Renault is planning to launch two new cars in Indonesia; one this year, and another one in 2020. It surely is something to look forward to.


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