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Incorporation with MINAR, PT Electronic City Indonesia, Indonesia’s largest modern retail chain for electronic appliances, will distribute over 5000 online cash vouchers and merchandise across Jakarta and Greater Jakarta. Electronic City cash vouchers will be redeemable through its online portal (www.electronicity.com). By creating an omnichannel strategy, Electronic City can create a seamless shopping experience for its customer across its ecosystem of communication channels.

This initiative is a manifestation of its support for enhancing Electronic City customer experience, in response to the evolution of e-commerce. Millennial’s buying behaviour is more than just a mere transaction, but it requires an active brand engagement, in which Electronic City is highly in tuned with. MINAR provides the right platform for Electronic City, not only to communicate its offerings to its relevant target market but to engage and incentivizes the customers purchase experience using Augmented Reality features (AR) in the mobile application. MINAR is the first Indonesian mobile gaming application that combines 4 exciting features: Real-time GPS, AR Technology, Reward Redemption System and Lucky Draw offerings.

For more info on Electronic City offerings in MINAR click here

For more information about MINAR, click here



AR&Co: Win a Free Trip to Barcelona with Messi Challenge Apps

Together with AR&Co. Indosat IM3 launched a new exciting geo location augmented reality game that allows the user to search for "Messi" at all Indosat IM3 event, website and social media.

Get monthly smartphones prizes by being a top scorer and win a chance to go to Barcelona for FREE!

Download Messi Challenge at google play store now:
Download Messi Challenge at google play store now! Click here



Mindstores : Mindstores' Open Booth at APJI

MindStores returned to open up a booth at the APJI (Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasa Boga Indonesia) National Conference, which was held for two days, February 20-21st 2019 at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta. The 3rd National Conference was held to elect the APJI chairperson who will take office for the next five years.

MindStores brings several portfolio projects, with the advantages of virtual reality technology in virtual stores, such as Alfamind. Those became an attraction, that makes the MindStores booth is crowded by visitors who are enthusiastic about seeing technology that can provide opportunities to have virtual stores with minimal capital and various interesting advantages.



DMID : A Premium Guest House, for OCBC NISP New Banking Experience

With technology development, our world has been progressing and it includes the banking industry. Customers are now demanding an improvement for their satisfaction thorough technology facilitation.

As a bank that is committed to grow and bring a progression to their customers, OCBC NISP together with DMID strengthen its position in the market by providing only the best banking experience for their customers. A joint collaboration with interior design firm, we provide series of messaging and touch points guideline to deliver a new experience the way customers will be treated in a premium guest house.

The new experience will give maximization in their branch offices with convenient services, tech – improved banking transaction, and also a place to share financial knowledge. It is designed with a warm atmosphere and comfortable interior to emphasize how OCBC NISP will always “With You”.

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AR& Co: After three succesful augmented reality apps with Tini Wini Biti, this year AR&Co. and Tini Wini Biti presents a new, exciting and fun augmented reality games called Tini Wini Biti Magic Face.


A lot of new features added to this new apps allowed players to play an augmented reality game with their face, crafting power etc.

Get 32 collectable augmented reality coins inside every Tini Wini Biti packaging.

Download at google play store and play now! Click here


MINAR: Mr. Daniel Surya talks about the advancement of a super smart tourism Sector in Mediterranean Tourism Forum 2019.


Mr. Daniel Surya was selected as one of the keynote speakers at 6th Mediterranean Tourism Form on 15th of February 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel, Malta. The topic of the discussion was “Advancing towards a super smart tourism sector”. Disruptive forces are re-shaping the Mediterranean region faster than ever before. Indeed, a new generation of entrepreneurs are creating a perennial gale of new economic forces, producing a new set of winners and losers. During the forum, Mr Daniel Surya discussed the essential of thinking on innovation and address the forces which are transforming the tourism sector today with special reference to MINAR mobile application, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for innovative ways to establish outstanding tourism destination identities.

Honourable guest attended the event include: H.E Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (President of Malta), Mr. Konrad Mizzi (Minister of Tourism of Malta), Mr Edmund Barlett (Minister of Tourism of Jamaica), Elena Kountoura (Minister of Tourism of Greece) Mr. Majlind Lazimi (Economic Advisor to the President of Republic of Albania, Princess Dana Firas of Jordan to name a few.


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