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Mindstores releases new shopping feature for TV: Pay with QR

Mindstores returns to present the latest innovation in Alfamind @ Indihome, the QR (Quick Response) Payment. This feature is made to ease transactions for Store Owners selling and shopping through their televisions at home. Previously, transactions can only be done by using the Alfamind balance. Now, both Store Owners and customers are given the option to use QR Payment by t-money.

In order to use this new feature, Store Owners and customers only needs to open up their t-money application on their mobile phones, have the camera scan the QR Code that appears on the TV screen, and confirm the purchase. Make sure that the Store Owner and/or customer has downloaded the t-money app and filled their balance there.



DMID : Strengthen Sate Khas Express’ Position as The Comforting Indonesian Fast Food Restaurant Brand

Satay is the all-time favorite Indonesian meal. Sate Khas Express is one of the first restaurant that brings the concept of Indonesian fast food with satay as the product hero -providing a practical yet engaging eating experience for food enthusiasts.

DM ID helps Sate Khas Express to have a strong position with its own concept and vision as Indonesian fast food preferred by many people.

DM ID helps Sate Khas Express to have a strong position with its own concept and vision as Indonesian fast food preferred by many people.



MINAR : MINAR Signed Partnership Agreement with Ms. Stefania Proietti, Mayor of Assisi, Italy & Mr. Andrew Agius Muscat of Mediterranean Tourism Foundation

In addition to the activities already carried out or under way, Assisi, Italy is launching a series of innovative projects, in collaboration with MINAR mobile application, aimed at the promotion and the enhancement of the religious, historical, and cultural heritage of Assisi, Italy. This initiative is upholding not only the aesthetics of Assisi as a tourism destination or operation in generating sustainable tourism but also an adaptation to the latest available technology with specific emphasis on geo-location and augmented reality mobile application like MINAR.



MINDSTORES : Mindstores "Opens Shop" at "Thriive by Disrupto" Event

MindStores has the opportunity to be part of the "Thriive by Disrupto" event held on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at Saumata Apartement Serpong. This event brought forth inspiring speakers, such as Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, Lucian Teo, Anchali Kardia, and Yosi Mokalu. "Thriive By Disrupto" raises a theme that is relevant to the present times, namely "Understanding Positive And Family-Friendly Digital Content in Disruptive Era".

With this opportunity, MindStores "Opens Shop" by presenting the Alfamind demo booth. With Alfamind, everyone has the chance to have their own shop with minimal capital. This is still related to the theme of "Thriive by Disrupto", namely developments in the Disrupto era. Where Alfamind is present, especially for housewives who can benefit from using smartphones by opening Alfamind virtual stores.



Mr. Daniel Surya Talks About The Advancement of a Super Smart Tourism Sector in Mediterranean Tourism Forum 2019


Mr. Daniel Surya was selected as one of the key note speakers at 6th Mediterranean Tourism Form on 15th of February 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel, Malta. The topic of the discussion was “Advancing towards a super smart tourism sector”. Disruptive forces are re-shaping t he Mediterranean region faster than ever before. Indeed, a new generation of entrepreneurs are creating a perennial gale of new economic forces, producing a new set of winners and losers. During the forum, Mr Daniel Surya discussed the essential of thinking on innovation and address the forces which are transforming the tourism sector today with special reference to MINAR mobile application, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for innovative ways to establish outstanding tourism destination identities.

Honourable guest attended the event include: H.E Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (President of Malta), Mr. Konrad Mizzi (Minister of Tourism of Malta), Mr Edmund Barlett (Minister of Tourism of Jamaica), Elena Kountoura (Minister of Tourism of Greece) Mr. Majlind Lazimi (Economic Advisor to the President of Republic of Albania, Princess Dana Firas of Jordan to name a few.


2019 Augmented Reality Trend Discussion


Augmented Reality is a technology that allows us to interact with digital elements in real time. From manufacturing, education, games, broadcasting, to automotive, various types of industry in Indonesia and the world today has started to use Augmented Reality technology. What it is like and what will the trend say in 2019? Watch Digital Insight's discussion with Senja Lazuardy on Berita Satu TV here.

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