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How Brands Stay Relevant in Disruptive Era
How Brands Stay Relevant in Disruptive Era

How Brands Stay Relevant
in Disruptive Era

In early 2012, a few months after I found Kennedy, Voice & Berliner as a Public Relations (PR) firm with WIR Global, I introduced Voice of Startups as a PR for Startups and part of KVB. I remember some reactions when I mentioned PR for Startups to non startups related community.

"Do startups have money?"
"Can they pay you?"

But at that time I kept running Voice of Startups with a mindset that PR is inclusive, that it is not for big companies only. At that time somehow, being the CEO who keeps thinking of growth and revenue stream, I also somehow developed this skill of looking at potential founders, potential startups (term sheet wise) and mutual benefit financial arrangement between KVB and them.

KVB also kept running Voice of Startups with a belief that the funding for startup system will grow (I thought eventually there will be numbers of VCs in Indonesia because Indonesia has productive population), as we are more inclusive so the number of founders will increase, plus Internet will also improve under the New Economy.

Now in 2018, our KVB is evolving. Rather than being only a PR Firm, KVB is now a Communications and Venture Consulting Company and I see now the landscape that I imagined back in 2012:

1) KVB continues to work with enterprises or corporate, under our KVB for Enterprise. Progressive enterprises want to tap into the startup network or use technology as well as do something new to build their brands and all the excitement.

2) Our list of startups shows the rise of sectors, not just the number of startups. This shows the growing startup landscape in Indonesia and how consumers change.

3) We work with numbers of VCs and the number has been rising, which means good for PR industry.

If I look back, any growth is a result of people who drive. Here are my notes on Voice of Startups as one of part of KVB and how it is all about people.

1) We are sector agnostic. Our team enjoys working in different sectors as this feeds our appetite to learn.

2) We are crazy about studying business model. One of the most interesting part is this one: knowing how different business models can create good impact to lives.

Actually, KVB has different business models compared to other communications companies - in my fondness to modifying business models. Some work, some not - but it's fine. At least I try and learn from my mistakes.

3) We are fond of stories. Every founders have different stories, and each time we help them build their brands to support their business, we always see this point: bravery.


1000+ Beta Users Registered!

1000+ Beta Users Registered!

A big shout out to the Disrupto Community for helping us reach over a thousand MINAR app beta subscribers! We have opened up the gates and started rolling out our app beta testing and itís going really well.

We are excited to have hit another milestone on our mission to disrupt the online earning experience. Through this beta subscribers we can achieve quality assurance and gaining feedback our soon-to-launch mobile app at Disrupto event this coming November 2018 at Plaza Indonesia.

What is MINAR?

A disruption in online earning experience.

MINAR is an Augmented Reality & location based mobile game application, where users can go around to collect points/coins that can be redeemed with various rewards with real monetary value. For companies and/or merchants, you can use this app to your benefit by directing our users to a certain area of choice thus benefitting your brand or even increasing brand awareness by distributing measurable advertisements. Our User simply needs to destroy mining stones along the way by tapping the screen a number of times to collect Minar Coins, Minar Points and/or Lucky Draw Points. User can then redeem exciting rewards with Minar Coins or Minar Points. They can even participate in our monthly lucky draw using the lucky draw point.

Find out more here here


Project Highlights

Kimia Farma New Virtual Store

Kimia Farma New Virtual Store

Teaming up with the first pharmaceutical industry company in Indonesia, Kimia Farma, MindStores will develop a new digital driven health care system. This support is given by MindStore to actualize Kimia Farma commitment to increase their network of services to be closer to people and meet their needs.


Augmented Reality Potential on Berita Satu

Augmented Reality Potential
on Berita Satu

It was an honor for us at AR&Co, as our Co-Founder and IT Director, Senja Lazuardy, on behalf of the team, was able to share our knowledge of augmented reality potential in Indonesian market on Berita Satu Digital Inside. Watch our talks in these videos: Part 1 | Part 2


Revealing the New Face of Mama Roz

Revealing the New Face of Mama Roz

Freshly made juices since 2005, Mama Roz has been disrupting Indonesian market as the one and only 100% pure ingredients made. Their trademark tends to be followed by others in the industry.

To strengthen the brand in the market, DMID helps Mama Roz to understand more about what today's market values and redefining the brand to stay relevant, while maintaining its strong equities such as the iconic name and identity.

Mama Roz now appears as the daily companion made by unique techniques and quality ingredients with the experience of consuming healthy products. Because they believe real things are the one that crafted from the heart.

Learn more here


In The Spotlight

Be Part of Disruption!

Be Part of Disruption!

DISRUPTO online shop is now open. Join the movement of disruption! Being a disruptor is about being bold and daring to do things in a different way that doesnít resonate. One month away to DISRUPTO, we hail all hustlers, achievers, and doers to join the movement and proudly proclaim it out! Dedicated to those who has a strong sense of self, the one and only DISRUPTO Merchandise is now available to be purchased at our web store. Claim your Disrupto Sequel bag, pitch yourself with our tee, and let the world know what your moves without even asking. Now or never, unlock your identity here.


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