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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Strategy

Artificial Intelligence in
Marketing Strategy

Get the chance to learn and interact directly with DÄV artificial intelligence in the upcoming DISRUPTO 2018!

DÄV Technology is an accelerator which moves dynamically in changing the whole landscape of business. Just after we were exposed to the sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) wrapped in ‘The Machine Learning’ and ‘The Internet of Things (IoT)’, unlimited explorations of opportunity are offered in front for us to embrace, especially in the retail industry. From traffic counting, crowd analysis, to consumer profiling, there are lots of insights could be gained from each data gathered from customers’ activities for business owners to take the right decision.

Currently, DÄV is working with one mall in Bekasi area in providing retail measurement insight for them to easily analyze each potential area in their whole establishment. Any visitor coming and daily traffic happened would be counted manually with the help of clicker counter, to give an outlook of where most likely the crowd gathers so they can create the right decision to maximize the profit of each tenant.

Not just a retail measurement insight could be done and analyzed in order to leverage the profit. There are plenty data out there await to be crafted briefly into an insightful input for any of hustler business owners!

What is DISRUPTO 2018?

DISRUPTO 2018, is a movement to disrupt and transform the nation through talks, festivals and immersive experiences packed in a 3-day-event on 23 to 25 November 2018. In collaboration between WIR and Plaza Indonesia, this event is exclusively created for individuals who believe that small stones can defeat giants. Hold your thirst in learning and get your head filled up with how technology could improve your business better though our Augmented Reality (AR) Media & People Counting Technology showcases.

Stay tuned as it’s only less than two months away to date! Plaza Indonesia, 23 – 25 November 2018. Mark your dates, subscribe our mailing list and check this out.


Project Highlights

Alfamind @ IndiHome User Survey

Alfamind @ IndiHome User Survey

A visit to several IndiHome customers’ house was conducted by Mindstores, SAT, and Telkom IndiHome on 29-30 September 2018 in relation to the Alfamind @ IndiHome User Survey. This event was intended to provide user experience and gain some insights on the brand-new Alfamind @ IndiHome app. Free top-up and merchandise are provided for each participated customers as an appreciation token coming from the team.




The Biggest IT event held by students from Universitas Indonesia, “COMPFEST”, was back and once again, AR&Co was proudly taking part. This time, a Neuro-Wave Sensor Detector which work as an accelerator for racing game and AR glasses, are on the list of this year showcases. Apart of the exhibition, as part of our support to the educational institution itself, a class of “AR & VR Utilization in Digital Business’” was also conducted for the students with our Co-Founder, Senja Lazuardy, as the speaker.


Check out MINAR mobile app at DISRUPTO 2018!

Check out MINAR mobile app
at DISRUPTO 2018!

Have you ever wondered, mining treasures anytime, anywhere with real values exchangeable with various incentives such as vouchers and pre-paid mobile top-ups? Through integrations of location-based and interactive technologies, MINAR will soon be launched to the public where users can explore the world in the quest to mine valuable rewards.

MINAR will open an exhibition in the upcoming DISRUPTO 2018 at Plaza Indonesia. Come and visit us to experience and learn more about this disruptive and game changing technology.

More details will be revealed through www.getminar.com


Rebranding Molecool Mobile App Discovery of a New Experience of Connectivity

Rebranding Molecool Mobile App -
Discovery of a New Experience of Connectivity

In a city that is constantly evolving, the essential needs of its citizens are changing. People are growing. Networks are expanding. Connectivity is becoming an increasingly demanded commodity. Molecool, an app – based internet provider help us see the world surround us by introducing to new opportunities that gives us the ability to discover new worlds, ripe experiences, and see what was previously unseen. With free wi-fi from Bali Fiber’s internet connection, Molecool is the app that will connects you to the world.

As their brand consultant, DM ID was appointed to help Molecool determined their brand positioning to be able to speak to their targeted audience, the active people who wants to see Molecool progressive vision perfectly capture in a distinct visual system, as well as the tone & manner in every communication, that is also a part of DM ID’s scope of work.


In The Spotlight

Volunteering for DISRUPTO is a HIT!

Volunteering for DISRUPTO is a HIT!

500+ volunteers in four days! What a number and what an energy! Right after we posted out the volunteer announcement for DISRUPTO 2018, forms were filled up and it keeps going up! We even had to open up a waiting list application form due to the over demand! Thank you so much for the enthusiasm and support. A volunteer party is up to be held as DISRUPTO 2018 pre-event! Meet new friends, mentors, and join the force of our unique community of disruptors.


AR&CO had the honour of sharing AR Technology to Christine Legarde, Managing Director and Chairwoman of IMF

AR&CO had the honour of sharing  AR Technology to Christine Legarde, Managing Director and Chairwoman of IMF

Together with ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation), AR&Co. proudly presented an AR & VR application that showcases the beautiful landscape of Mandalika with an additional 360 degrees video technology at the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group 2018 in Nusa Dua, Bali. On Wednesday 8th October 2018, we had an honour to share the technology to the Managing Director of IMF, Christine Lagarde. According to Ricky Baheramsjah, Head of Investment & Marketing of ITDC, AR&Co. did a fantastic job in bringing Mandalika to life for ITDC. "We have used AR and VR at major conferences and events including the IMF World Bank Annual Meetings with resounding success and great feedback. Definitely we are planning to use AR&Co. for many more exciting projects in the future," he added.


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