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An AR Experience for Your Consumer
An AR Experience for Your Consumer

An AR Experience for
Your Consumer

As stated in HubSpot's State of Inbound 2017 report, video is considered to be the number one content consumption right now. But then, what else? Is it video engaging enough? When everyone starts making a video, ones should start doing something different to be seen by consumers.

Remember the Pokemon Go's hype on 2016? This one sample of Augmented Reality (AR) game is really attracting people to play and actively move from one place to another in order to win. People are more engaged with such interactive experience, and that’s a good way for brands grab their attention.

Apart from gamification, the use of AR Technology on mobile devices could be implemented too to market any products or brands with unlimited type of creation as it offers consumers a sort of ‘real’ interaction.

Yes, AR is more than a glasses form factor that people will wear on their face to see some imaginary creatures ‘alive’. Mark Zuckerberg even stated that a lot of AR features on mobile devices are becoming numerous years ahead. So instead of waiting for others in offering ‘AR marketing’, why don’t try to be first one? Get your chance to learn and interact directly with AR at DISRUPTO 2018!

DISRUPTO 2018, is a movement to disrupt and transform the nation through talks, festivals and immersive experiences packed in a 3-day-event on 23 to 25 November 2018. In collaboration between WIR and Plaza Indonesia, this event is exclusively created for individuals who believe that small stones can defeat giants. Roam the festival with AR glasses, greet our ‘AR creatures’, and adopt AR Technology for your next marketing tools to engage more with consumers.

Secure your dates now, subscribe our mailing list and check this out at Plaza Indonesia, 23 – 25 November 2018.


Project Highlights

Mindstores: Socialization Event of Alfamind @ IndiHome

Mindstores: Socialization Event
of Alfamind @ IndiHome

In connection with the launching preparation of Alfamind @ IndiHome, Telkom IndiHome together with MindStores organized a socialization event held in two big cities, Malang (August 23-24) and Semarang (August 28). This activity aims to provide information and knowledge to the Telkom 147 Customer Service team related to the Alfamind @ IndiHome application.


Introducing Malacca EZ

Introducing Malacca EZ

DM ID is given the trust to develop the Malacca Trust application. With that trust, DM ID created icon apps for digital apps, the name is Malacca EZ. Malacca Trust has been trusted by many companies for many years with their general insurance. They want to offer the same service directly to Millennial customers in Indonesia. Understanding millennial’s digital behavior, Malacca Trust launched Malacca EZ, an app based insurance, to make it easier for customers to buy insurance, check the status, or even claim and call customer services. With Malacca EZ insurance app, customer can enjoy their insurance coverage right away, because the form approval takes only minutes.


Shaving using Augmented Reality? DÄV made it happen for Gillette!

Shaving using Augmented Reality?
DÄV made it happen for Gillette!

DÄV with Gillette launched a new retail engagement, where consumers are able to experience their beard shaved with Augmented Reality. Gillette aims to understand the preference of its consumer in selecting razors, while also offering an upgrade of its current product selection as an up sell. Everyone who comes to pass by the magic mirror will find themselves having beards! Come and visit Gillette’s corner at Farmers Market in Summarecon Mall Serpong! Find out more here.


AR&Co in Maybank Bali Marathon 2018

AR&Co in Maybank Bali Marathon 2018

AR&Co is proudly supported this year Maybank Bali Marathon. An AR photobooth placed for runners to take pictures while they wait for their race pack. Beside an animated Maybank’s tiger mascot shown through this AR Technology application,players are invited to try a motion sensor game, where the players are challenged to catch items as much as they can, by moving around in the front of the screen. Find out more here.


In The Spotlight

WIR Group at the Google Executive Immersion

WIR Group at the Google Executive Immersion

Last Saturday on the 15th of September 2018, WIR Group was invited to share their thoughts and experiences in implementing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Indonesia at Google Executive Immersion sharing session in Jakarta. Attended by more than 40 Googlers from APAC HQ and Mountain View in Silicon Valley, Daniel Surya being CEO and Jeffrey Budiman being CTO of WIR Group supported by senior members shared how WIR Group has strived to keep its tech-solution highly relevant to the market including how it empowers many. Other topics discussed include how brands, companies, and Indonesian users are receptive towards AR as well as possible areas of growth and future bets have emerged during the discussion segment of the session.


Kimia Farma going Digital and Virtual

Kimia Farma going Digital and Virtual

WIR group recently signed an agreement with PT Kimia Farma, Indonesia's largest state-owned pharmaceutical company. The collaboration will be a big step in taking Kimia Farma into the digital era.

The collaboration will include creative innovations in sales and distribution channels, which will turn consumers into prosumers; generating new sources of income for the people.


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