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Break the Wall, Rock the Stage Welcoming DISRUPTO 2018

Break the Wall, Rock the Stage
- Welcoming DISRUPTO 2018

A warning to all conformity out there, a real disruption is coming! You better get on board or be left out.

In business, there is no promise everything runs and turned just fine by staying safe, play in your own yard, and grow on your comfort zone without being embraced by the outside wild damn thing - that may appear small in the first place!

DISRUPTO 2018 - exclusively created for individuals who believe that small stones can defeat giants. Get ready as we at WIR, in collaboration with Plaza Indonesia, will bring you right in the capital for the first time, a movement to disrupt and transform the nation through talks, festivals and immersive experiences packed in a 3-day-event on 23 to 25 November 2018.

With more than 50 A-list speakers, 200 startups, and 50 exhibitors, DISRUPTO is a mix of a conference and an adrenaline pumping festival where you can gather and absorb as many inspirations from the A-list names coming from various fields, such as green and sustainable technology, digital content, creative products, and services to name a few.

We want to connect all the energy of passionate individuals to create the future of innovative business together - and we invite you, all inspiring global disruptors to join the movement as speakers and exhibitors to share your inspiring feat to the young disruptors of Indonesia to do more, to do it better, and defeat the giants.

More than talks and fiestas, DISRUPTO is a movement to disrupt and grow. Let us know if you have the same vision and ready to get on board with us. Subscribe our mailing list to stay updated or check this out.


Project Highlights

Paxel: Personalised Delivery Experience

Paxel: Personalised Delivery Experience

A newcomer in the logistic industry, Paxel knew that they need to go an extra mile to disrupt the market towards their current delivery habit. By understanding their customer needs who desire more freedom to personalize their deliveries, Paxel offers services such as the same day same price experience, easiness through mobile app, and insurance for all packages. With Paxel, you’re always in control here.


The Application of AR-VR Technology for Commercial Digital Platforms

The Application of AR-VR Technology
for Commercial Digital Platforms

The retail world is changing quickly as consumer shopping habits are now shifting towards online shopping. MindStores' Creative Director, Renindia Karyandi, wrote about this consumer shifting preference article on the August 2018 issue of BUMN Track magazine. Understanding the issue, the use of AR-VR technology can also be applied to commercial digital platforms to enhance the shopping experience by mimicking real-life experiences inside a virtually constructed interactive environment - such as Alfamind.


Soon at Farmers Market: Gillette Magic Mirror

Soon at Farmers Market:
Gillette Magic Mirror

DÄV will launch Gillette Magic Mirror where shoppers are able to experience Gillette Razors in a form of Augmented Reality. Started from Farmers Market at Summarecon Mall Serpong, Gillette aims to understand the preference of its consumer in selecting razors, while also offering an upgrade of its current product selection as an up sell. Everyone who comes to pass by the magic mirror will find themselves having beards!


Central Anniversary Augmented Reality Game

Central Anniversary Augmented
Reality Game

AR&Co has supported Central Dept. Store Indonesia with exciting Interactive Augmented Reality game by using motion sensor for their Anniversary event. As if in Thailand, the customers can play the game and take photos at some tourist destination stopovers, with million prizes for them to bring home. More about the game here.


MINAR - The Next Global AR Game

MINAR - The Next Global AR Game
Reality Game

The next Augmented Reality (AR) Game is coming globally! With a concept of 'mining in a new way', MINAR delivers an integration of location-based and interactive technologies for users to play the game, explore the world in the quest, mine treasures, and win various real rewards such as vouchers and pre-paid mobile top-ups. Soon to be launched, Indonesia will be one of countries who get a chance to try it first. Stay tuned and revealed more details about MINAR here.


In The Spotlight

The Rapid Market Growth of Electric-Car

The Rapid Market Growth of Electric-Car

NIO is a global Chinese company that designs and develops electric autonomous vehicles. Backed by Chinese tech heavyweight Tencent Holdings Ltd, the company filed for a $1.8 billion initial public offering of its American depositary shares, the biggest U.S. listing by a Chinese automaker. It plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "NIO".

NIO, formerly known as NextEV, is one of several largely Chinese-funded EV startups betting on the benefits of local production to compete with companies such as Tesla Inc. China began promoting electric cars in 2009 and aims to become a dominant global producer. It currently is the world leader in solar power production. Nio is one of a few dozen electric car manufacturers in China, a rising wave of Tesla challengers that also include Byton and Xpeng.

Nio plans to use the IPO proceeds for research and development of products and technology, marketing and developing manufacturing facilities.


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