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The Future is Electrifying and It's Finally Here!

The Future is Electrifying
- and It's Finally Here!

Disrupting our dependency with fossil fuel

If we take some time to look back a little, every Gen Y can vividly remember the time where they use a phone line to connect with people. Zap back into today, the same people are making phone calls through the internet, not landlines anymore. It's even more surprising as this change happens in one generation. Within the same time, people change the way they communicate.

But looking aside from that to the way we commute, things haven't changed much. We have been using fossil fuel for so long that we can't live without. People still use it though global warming and air pollution have long been an issue in all over the world. We have already become too comfortable and dependent on it as fossil fuel might be the only option for us to use and offer.

Luckily, at this very time when we need to switch our fossil fuel dependency to a greener alternate, Mobil Anak Indonesia (MAB), an initiative conducted by a national company, did make a breakthrough by offering an electric fueled car as a renewable energy based city transport. The car uses a rechargeable battery for fuel, thus produces zero pollution and completely renewable.

Understanding that new things shall take time for us to adapt, MAB lets us familiar first with the concept of electric vehicle by providing busses as public transport on the first stage before finally introduce the electric car itself. Once people are familiar to use electric busses, it's possible for us to move forward to roam the street in a private electric vehicle - exactly the same way of how we choose internet calls more than landlines.


Project Highlights

MAB (Mobil Anak Bangsa): The Next Indonesian Pride

MAB (Mobil Anak Bangsa):
The Next Indonesian Pride

Years in the industry, we at DM ID always passionate to develop brands that is impactful for people and also our beloved nation. This passion has led us to be able to take part in the development of the next Indonesian pride, an electric vehicle called Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB), that is initiated by General (Ret.) Moeldoko. So, how we carry out this exciting project? Read our story here.


Alfamind Provides Promotional Banner to The Store Owners

Alfamind Provides Promotional
Banner to The Store Owners

Since the arrival of Alfamind, now everyone can run their own virtual store through mobile phone and be a 'Store Owner'. As it continues to grow, Alfamind started to provide Store Owners with a promotional banner that can be put in front of their house. This makes it easier for Store Owners to offer and sell the Alfamind products to their customers around. The banner has begun to be distributed in Tangerang and Palembang.

Alfamind keeps on empowering people to become entrepreneurs while giving the Store Owners support to increase their household income.


Automating traffic counter in retail spaces

Automating traffic counter
in retail spaces

DÄV has been expanding its human vision technology for different retail applications, from media placement to retail insight.

DÄV has been challenged to automate traffic counting processes which currently done manually in most retail in Indonesia. Starting off with a mall in Bekasi area, DÄV is currently monitoring the traffic of the mall on a daily basis and visualize it through a real-time dashboard for the management to take decisions or evaluate on their marketing strategies.


Automating traffic counter in retail spaces

Learn Alzheimer
With Augmented Reality

AR&Co, together with the Faculty of Medicine of Atma Jaya collaborated to create an interactive way to educate the people about Alzheimer with Augmented Reality. Atma Jaya aims to make people aware that Alzheimer can affect every one of us. Within the app, people can see the difference between normal and Alzheimer neuron & brain in details with AR technology, and also a mini-game to test our memory.? Learn more here.


In The Spotlight

Top News : Wiro Sableng Augmented Reality Apps

Top News : Wiro Sableng Augmented Reality Apps

Aug 2018 - as one of our comitment to support Indonesian movie, AR&Co. with Lifelike pictures proudly present an augmented reality application for Wiro Sableng called WIRO SABLENG AR.
Wiro Sableng is one of the most anticipated Indonesian films of the year, which is a collaboration between Lifelike Pictures and Fox International Productions, a division of 20th Century Fox.
Getting to know more about Wiro Sableng character through an AR apps, download WIRO SABLENG AR at Google Playstore.
Download link here.


Plastic-Free Development

Plastic-Free Development

More of us are turning to live more consciously, including making a twist of what's impossible to possible. The development of Belmont Park on Burswood Peninsula, Perth, West Australia, shown us a proof of a game-changing ideas being tossed around for the property development by making it plastic free. Consisting of 4500 residential apartments, civil infrastructure and public open space, Belmont Park is projected to be the state's largest ever master planned community with a five green star-rated development - including no plastic bottles, cups or any other single-use plastic items to be used anywhere. Discover more about the development here.


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