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How Brand Empowers Defining the Importance of Brand Vision

How Brand Empowers Defining the Importance of Brand Vision

How Brand Empowers

Defining the Importance of Brand Vision

Significant brands make a mark in the world through their cutting edge innovation or wide networks around the world, but there are many brands that bring fresh air through a strong brand vision; A brand that has a strong vision carries difference to the world.

Starbucks, for instance, has a strong vision to carry "the romance of the coffee experience", making it "a third place between work and home" that people enjoyed globally nowadays. The brand vision empowers many people to enjoy their coffee at Starbucks, even work for the brand. Strong brand vision, whether the final objective is to create profitability or gain bigger audience share, could empower people in a bigger scale. It could make a difference and bring new inspiration.

One of the inspiring brands with strong brand vision that DMID has collaborated with was Torajamelo. Established by Dinny Jusuf and Nina Jusuf, this brand has one vision: to create sustainable livelihood for rural women through handwoven textile.

At first, the focus was to eradicate the level of poverty faced by rural women in Toraja and Mamasa. This poverty issue made them work overseas as household helps, which make them far from their family and even endangered their lives -as most women came home abused or dead. As the modern world evolves, the heritage of handwoven textiles started to fade.

Torajamelo has a vision to create better lives for the weavers and also to preserve and rejuvenate Indonesian handwoven textile art and culture. The textiles were transformed by Torajamelo into quality fashion goods for women and men, connects community products to the world market.

That strong vision empowers Toraja and Mamasa's women weavers, restoring their optimism of a good life for their families with the income as weavers. The brand empowers the women and even bigger scale of weavers. Now, with Torajamelo collaborates with 1.000 weavers in Adonara and Lembata in Nusa Tenggara Timur, the vision of the brand doesn't only empower the community of weavers. It proves that strong brand vision could bring better improvement of life, even restoring the pride. Torajamelo's brand vision helps to restore the pride of being weavers in Indonesia and the society's pride of wearing handwoven textiles.

Crafting a brand vision requires a strong background on why you create the brand at the first place. When you have set the brand vision in the first place, everything will go at the right places: you will find what the brand stands for, how the brand would like to be perceived and what differences your brand had with other brands. Strong brand vision equals significant brand.


Project Highlights

Alfamind Expands Its Virtual Store Lineup With Alfamind @ IndiHome

Alfamind Expands Its Virtual Store
Lineup With Alfamind @ IndiHome

Along with the growth of Alfamind's Store Owners who are actively using Alfamind on mobile devices, Alfamind starts to expand its reach to TV platform. Together with Telkom IndiHome, a rapidly growing cable TV service in Indonesia, Alfamart and MindStores establish Alfamind @ IndiHome as a new breakthrough.

Alfamind @ IndiHome is a virtual retail store from Alfamart that allows IndiHome subscribers to shop and sell the products directly from their TV screen. It is expected to be launched in August 2018.


Magic Mirror to Engage Retail Customers with Gillette

Magic Mirror to Engage Retail
Customers with Gillette

DÄV is currently expanding its line of devices by providing big screens for Gillette to deliver a better consumer engagement experience. Transform these screens into 'magic mirror', then put it in one of supermarket chains, Gillette aim to understand the preference of its consumer in selecting razors, while also offering an upgrade of its current product selection as an up sell. Everyone who comes to pass by the magic mirror will find themselves having beards - and yes, no exception including women and kids.

Find out more about 'magic mirror' here.


Tini Wini Biti Launched the New Series of Augmented Reality Coins

Tini Wini Biti Launched the New
Series of Augmented Reality Coins

Due to strong user participations towards 'Dunia Main Tini Wini Biti' Augmented Reality coins application since 2017 and how it helps to increase brand awareness and loyalty, Tini Wini Biti (Konimex Group) has decided to improve the application by adding a new series of coins based on their new brand ambassadors - Naura and Neona. With 8 new coins in total, half of the numbers are for Naura and the rest for Neona series. During the launching event, Tini Wini Biti also invited fans and customers to enjoy the performance by both Naura and Neona.

More about Naura & Neona coins here.


Biokul New Packaging Design

Biokul New Packaging Design

We at DM ID believe that packaging design is not all about functions, but also becomes a medium for brands to interact with its audiences. Along with that premise, we had the opportunity to rejuvenate a packaging design from one of the biggest FMCG brands in Indonesia. If you are curious about what we do for them, let's play a hunt! Go to the nearest supermarket and find which packaging design as seen in this picture. Share your discovery with us on Instagram @dmidgroup.

Reveal the new brand packaging here.


In The Spotlight

Julius Bar Market Outlook 2018 - 8 August 2018

Julius Bar Market Outlook 2018 - 8 August 2018

With the increasing market demand of Augmented Reality (AR), undoubtedly AR technology will be one of the hottest marketing trends in 2018. Some reports already projected AR to be worth an incredible $108 billion by 2012, and expected to nearly double in size by 2024 by Global Market Insights. As AR technology has become more powerful, it has turned as an ideal platform for brands to create a meaningful and heightened level of engagement with their customers.


Nikkei Business Magazine - 6 August 2018 issue

Nikkei Business Magazine - 6 August 2018 issue

Southeast Asia technology companies has been flourishing more than Japan. Some are even more advanced than those in Silicon Valley. Most Indonesian young generations are familiar with smartphones and speaks English well. Along with enough education received, creating innovations are now within the people. We at WIR Group itself have offers from companies like Disney, Intel and Microsoft, and have won AR award in 2015 and 2016, in competing against other companies from developed countries. This shows, Indonesia is counted for creating a remarkable disruption in the future world of innovative business.


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