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The Disruption Club is an ideas-sharing club initiated by WIR Group. We curently have 4700 members and will add more to this with more disrupting minds. Stories and articles will come from WIR networks to help you and your companies stand out in this disruptive era. We also welcome members to share your disruptive ideas as well. To contribute, please email disruptionclub@wirglobal.com

Feature Story

We energized this year's Asian Games 2018



When I Discovered
Disruption in Africa

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation - Nelson Mandela

I am fortunate that I had the pleasure to make a trip to Africa for almost a month. One of my greatest adventures and it was in June to July 2018. I hiked Kilimanjaro the mountain in Tanzania, did gorilla tracking at Bwindi, Uganda and met around 15 gorillas, walking at Soweto and admiring the role of Nelson Mandela in the history of South Africa. Then one thing, I found an interesting development about home-grown startups how they disrupt in Africa.

I am happy to meet fellow female entrepreneur in Zimbabwe and startups founders in Uganda. Uganda somehow does not look like a stranger to me. Uganda has SafeBoda, which is its online ojek. It has its vast online food order and delivery, making me comfortable ordering this and that. Online cab? Yes, they are available in those countries. But, there was something that I admired.

When I was in Uganda and met Uganda startups ecosystem building founder that also has a co-working space, I spotted that there was a startups that focus on something like social movement, democracy and transparency. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name.

What make me ponder is: how the founder seems trying to address social challenges by using a founder or startups or business approach. It looks to me that the founder reflects the quote by Mandela on being a great generation. A young one who want to change and interestingly, social change using business approach.

A young one who solve problem differently and disrupt. Entrepreneurship that beyond creating job, it also creates good changes for others too. A truly founder.

Dian Noeh Abubakar
Founder, CEO & Inclusion Driver
KVB | Kennedy, Voice & Berliner
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Project Highlight

Is there a "new Bali"? Can it attract more tourists to Indonesia?

Building new resorts is no easy task. Yet building a new branded destination is something else. Indonesia has hundreds of beautiful spots across the archipelago, but Bali has been the top destination for decades and no other spot has come close to it.

DM ID was tasked to create the brand for the Mandalika in Lombok, making it 1 of 10 "new Bali" spots that the Indonesian government has announced in 2017. What kind of branding blueprint and visuals has DM ID created for Mandalika? Check out the case study here.

Squline: disrupting the language learning business

Language barrier is still a common issue in today's world. Although the barriers seems to have lessened today, getting a proper lesson in learning a foreign language is still a challenge. Insufficient number of professional teachers, inconvenient learning centers, outdated books, and expensive learning fees are the main obstacles.

Squline was created to solve the problem. This online learning platform connects students with native language teachers around the world. This allows the students to practice and improve conversational language skills, at any time and at any place.

Download the app here and try it yourself.

Own a store with only USD 18

Add a smart phone and data connection. Voila! You're a store owner.

This disruptive solution by Mindstore (Slingshot group) to the retail business has increased the number of stores of Alfa group by 5000, which means that it has spread its channel almost instantaneously (by clicks and taps). That's a good way to grow the business.

On the prosumer side, people who would not normally be able to own a store due to capital limitation, are now store owners!

Learn more about it here


In The Spotlight

Senja Lazuardy

Senja Lazuardy - IT Director of WIR Group


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Senja wrote an article for the July 2018 edition of BUMN Track entitled "Augmented Reality for the world of Education". In the magazine, Senja points out 4 reasons on how Augmented Reality (AR) can improve the quality of education:

  • Augmented Reality can visualize concepts and ideas that traditionally seem abstract and difficult

  • Users can interact directly with the content through AR

  • AR can actually "bring" dinosaurs and other large objects into the classroom

  • Save money on school laboratory / studio budgets by using AR app to teach specific skills, such as for engineering, basic medical, and assembling.

Lets wait for more articles from our tech people.

Game Primel

It was surely an exciting event for gamers and game developers during Game Prime 2018 in early July. With more than 40 million gamers in Indonesia, the industry is growing faster than ever. Check out the excitement at AR&Co booth, which also featured a shooting game using Microsoft Hololens.
Here's the video

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