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This is another edition of WIR Disruption Club. The Disruption Club is an ideas sharing-club initiated by WIR Group. We currently have 4700 members and will add more to this with more disrupting minds.

Disruption comes not only from creating new things, but can be from already existing ideas that are thrown at the world at the right moment. Many of us have created disruption and all of us are planning our next ones. What is your disruption story? Share it by emailing disruptionclub@wirglobal.com


We energized this year's Asian Games 2018


We energized this year's Asian Games 2018


We energized this year's
Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games 2018 is Indonesia's most important and most prestigious sports event in recent history. The scope and scale of this event is so massive, with 45 participating nations from all over Asia. Our REDSPACE unit was awarded the task to energize the event through visual language system design.

REDSPACE created supergrahics and visual language system inspired by the brandmark itself as the base of Supergraphics designed to strengthen the Asian Games visual identity. Embedded with Indonesian Pattern inspired by "Puspa Indonesia", three national flowers that represents the characteristics of Indonesia. We hope the design will welcome and energize the international participants and spectators. The visual and colorful patterns are already in most Asian Games 2018 promo materials, and can be seen in all arenas and venues in many shapes and forms.

Now let's go out and support the athletes! Our energy will surely help them break records!


Project Highlight

HiLo Milk: from 2D color drawing to 3D Augmented Reality Animation

For 3 years in a row, AR&Co has been trusted by HILo milk to develop an interactive app that combines digital technology games with physical activity of drawing.

This year, the app entitled “HiLo Draw & Play 2.0” is a part of HiLo School Drawing Competition 2018 series, a drawing and coloring competition for the Elementary School level throughout Indonesia.

For more info, click here

Kalla Group and WIR: growing and protecting Indonesia’s intelectual property.

Intellectual property is an asset that is becoming ever so important for companies, and also for nations. Disputes over intellectual property rights are already a common media headlines, usually among tech giants and also global brands.

Indonesia is already home to many intellectual properties, but most are not yet filled, protected, and ultimately make them monetized.

Kalla Group, supported by WIR, have signed an MOU to create an intellectual property hub, designed to grow and nurture talents and ideas from Indonesia. The hub will be launched in the coming months.

Solution for your Sales force: SAM.D

A good sales process would require not only the best sales people, but also the best system to manage and monitor the process. The system also should help sales people on the ground, and ensure they are compensated and commissioned fairly. SAM. D is built for all of those points on the checklist.

For more information, please contact us: info@slingshot.group

Uniting the Nation once again: TVRI Rebranding is underway.

Although considered a dinosaur, TVRI with its new management is in its final stages to DISRUPT the industry. The new management has brilliant ideas that are about to be launched and executed.

Our DMID is tasked with creating its new brand strategy and identity, scheduled to launch this year so that TVRI can be the best national public broadcasting company that it aspires to be.


Disruption Quotes

Disruption Quotes

That’s one of the most famous quotes from the legendary slugger when he was asked what he thought his opponent was planning to beat him.

Interestingly, Tyson who was famous for relentlessly beating down his opponent actually believes in resilience. In enduring the punching and beating.

We all think that we have things planned out...and then out of no where we get punched in the face. Our strength will keep us standing, but it’s up to our will to punch back and win the fight.

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