AR&Co. launches ‘IseeAR’: breakthrough tech for the pandemic age features interactive Augmented Reality for Video Conference tools

February, 2021

Jakarta, Indonesia – Southeast Asia’s renowned augmented reality developer AR&Co. launches its latest product named ‘IseeAR’. The ‘IseeAR’ is developed to create a more engaging experience for people who have been video conferencing daily since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world in early 2020.

By simply using a regular web cam or the embedded camera installed in most laptops, the ‘IseeAR’ creates a more immersive video conferencing experience by allowing users to show objects (products, conceptual forms, graphs, etc) in 3-D format, which can be used during videoconferencing using applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, and others.

CEO of WIR Group Michael Budi, the holding company of AR&Co., said that the ‘IseeAR’ application was created to fulfill consumers’ yearning to experience more during a telepresence session, especially those who work and study from home. “WIR Group thrives to create new tech innovations based on the needs of humanity. Since physical distancing has been implemented, people have been left with no choice but interacting virtually. The digital reality technology presented in ‘IseeAR’ presents itself as not only as a new excitement to the increasingly mundane videoconference experience, but it actually creates a new way of interacting between humans of today’s world” he added.

WIR Group and AR&Co. are optimistic that ‘IseeAR’ will promptly make its way to laptops and mobile devices of Indonesians so it can immediately bring benefit to the users. WIR Group through its units such as AR&Co already has 5 PCT global patents for its digital reality technologies and will keep on developing more humanity-based future technology to push forward the progress of Indonesia in the world.

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