Indonesia Collaborates with Oman to Present AR Linguistic Technology: WIR Group to co-develop with ETCO of Oman

February, 2021

JAKARTA - Indonesia and Oman have established a strategic partnership in the technology sector. In particular, in the utilization and development of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies through linguistic platforms.

"Apart from the economic benefits of a strategic partnership, I believe the two countries can work together well. The people of the two countries are peace-loving and friendly people with a spirit of humanity and future technology," said the Indonesian Ambassador to Oman, Mohamad Irzan Djohan, as quoted from Antara News.

Irzan considered that cooperation in the technology sector was strategic, and moreover, Indonesia in the last more than one decade has experienced a digital transformation that has been getting better as shown by human interaction, learning, and transactions through the use of digital technology.

One form of partnership between Indonesia and Oman is seen from Salam Tech, which is a joint venture collaboration between Awadah Group Indonesia and Emerging Technology Company Oman (ETCO). Appointing WIR as technology partner, both are currently creating linguistic applications based on Augmented Reality (AR) & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"There are many potential uses for AR, such as for education where we can interact with historical figures, or for example Indonesian presidents, past and present," said Daniel Surya as Chairman of the WIR Group in a virtual press conference. He hopes that this application can become a medium of learning and cultural exchange between the younger generations of Indonesia and Oman, who are now more tech-savvy.

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